October 26, 2012

On Hooded Scarf Update #2.

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I’ve made a lot more progress on the hooded scarf since the last update, but I still have a bit to go!

I only have one or two more go-rounds with the pattern (which is 16 rows) before I can finish up that second pocket. Then, it’s (theoretically) easy breezy from there on our–it’s just the hood part!

I’d better get cracking, though, and not let all my big Etsy ideas keep me from working on this–the weather isn’t going to stay nice for long!

(Of you’re looking for the original post with the pattern for the hooded scarf, check it out here!)

August 31, 2012

On Finishing a Non-Crochet Project.

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I absolutely love crocheting for my Etsy shop. I love creating patterns, adding new product lines, and I especially love the new teddy bears I’ve been making. But sometimes, it’s particularly gratifying to complete something for yourself, something you know you’re not going to sell or give to a family member, something that is just going to be yours.

A little while ago, I had written about a “finished” dress I found in my closet–finished but for the fact that it was many sizes too big (how does that happen?) and the whole bodice would have to be taken out and redone. (Click here to read about it.) Well, I did it this weekend–mumbled and grumbled my way through the excruciating process of undoing all those stitches I had previously done and refitting, repinning, resewing, trying the dress on so many times I grew sick of it…and I had an epiphany. Sewing is the opposite of yarn art. In crocheting or knitting, it’s the creating that takes all the time–all those loops and yarn-overs and knits and purls and everything–millions and millions of painstaking knots. In sewing, however (at least with a machine), the sewing part is so fast–a couple ZIPS under that needle and you have a seam. But taking it out once you’ve made a mistake, without injuring the fabric, is both tedious and time-consuming. I mentioned as much to my fiance, and he just commented on my lack of patience.

At any rate, I successfully made it. I hemmed it all by myself. (Which is a feat for me, because I usually beg my mother to pin it while I’m in it to make sure it’s all even. But since she’s a couple states away, that would have been quite difficult.) I added some cute buttons. And here it is:

It’s not perfect, but I am proud of it. And now I have sworn off sewing for the next six months.

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