September 27, 2012

On Never Judging a Boot by Its Genre.

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I’m not much of a country-western junkie. I don’t really go in for the hog-ties and bull riding, I really dislike riding horses (mostly because of the smell), and I think cowboy hats look pretty silly on anyone except Kenny Chesney. The only country music I really listen to is Taylor Swift (I love her, can’t help it). Frankly, I’m really much more of a Victorian girl. So, it surprised me just as much as anybody else when I fell in love with a pair of cowgirl boots.

A huge fan of boots, I wanted something I could wear pretty much anywhere and any way. I have a FANTASTIC pair of Victorian knee-high boots that I love for certain things, but they’re hardly daily wear. (PS, those are not my legs! That’s the photo from the website I purchased them from.)

At the same time, I didn’t want just the simple brown boots that everyone seems to be getting. I wanted something a little…different. Well, my fiance found this awesome website,, which sells quite a bit of western gear. Most of the cowgirl boots didn’t appeal to me, but then I found a pair that were still cowgirl boots, but, I swear, Victorian. See for yourself:

They are super comfortable, too! Such a rich, red color that I haven’t seen anywhere else. Amazing quality and stitching. And look at the scalloping on the top! I fully anticipate wearing them with those pretty ivory lace socks that go up just over the boots 🙂 Look at the details!

The moral of the story: never judge a boot by its genre. I have been totally boot-whipped. 🙂


September 25, 2012


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A couple years ago, my now-fiance and I baked our first pie together: apple, with a lattice crust. We both peeled and sliced the apples, he took care of the interior mixture, and I took care of the crust and lattice, all within a lovely, though rather warm, kitchen. Though that wasn’t our first time in the kitchen together, it was our first time for an extended baking adventure, and I’m proud to say we worked quite well in unison.

Now that we have our own place, we bake a little more often. Sometimes when I come home,  he surprises me with a special treat, like pumpkin cupcakes or chocolate cake/cupcakes. (And ALWAYS with homemade vanilla icing!) But it’s even more fun when we get to do it together. Last week, we got to bake an apple pie–same as before, he manned the crust and I womaned the lattice, and I’m proud to say our efforts came out quite wonderfully!

(Even more importantly, it was DELICIOUS!)

Have you embarked on any baking adventures lately?

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