December 17, 2012

On a Crafty Weekend!

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I got my craft on this weekend!

First, after a stalled-out Etsy shop (slow times happen to me at the weirdest times!), I got two orders in two days! The first was a pair of fingerless gloves, which are always fun to make.

The other was for a custom kitten! Not just any kitten though–there’s a bit of a story behind this one. Apparently, there is (or was) an online game called “Glitch.” The developers are taking the game down, and someone was interested in having a crocheted version of the cat character from this game, called “Heli Kitteh.” They showed me a screen shot from the game of the kitten, and I got to work! The recipient loved it, and I already got another order for it!

Also, I can’t post pics yet because I also did this craft for some relatives who have not received it yet (don’t want to spoil the surprise!) but I did 10 gifts for everyone at my office, AND baked cookies for them! Due to a miscommunication with the notes on my cookie recipe, I misjudged how many cookies the recipe would make, and instead of getting 160, like I expected, I got 260 cookies! (Needless to say, there are a LOT in the freezer now!) All of that took up most of the weekend, but it was certainly worth it–I love my workplace and everybody I work with, so I was more than happy to share the joy!

Finally, I wrapped all the finace’s gifts! He has a nice little pile under our tree now :).

Have you been crafty this weekend?


October 17, 2012

On Birthday Cake.

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As promised, for (nearly) Wordless Wednesday, my homemade by awesome fiance birthday cake from last week! (Chocolate cake with vanilla caramel Bailey’s icing. YUM.)

And all lit up:

September 25, 2012


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A couple years ago, my now-fiance and I baked our first pie together: apple, with a lattice crust. We both peeled and sliced the apples, he took care of the interior mixture, and I took care of the crust and lattice, all within a lovely, though rather warm, kitchen. Though that wasn’t our first time in the kitchen together, it was our first time for an extended baking adventure, and I’m proud to say we worked quite well in unison.

Now that we have our own place, we bake a little more often. Sometimes when I come home,  he surprises me with a special treat, like pumpkin cupcakes or chocolate cake/cupcakes. (And ALWAYS with homemade vanilla icing!) But it’s even more fun when we get to do it together. Last week, we got to bake an apple pie–same as before, he manned the crust and I womaned the lattice, and I’m proud to say our efforts came out quite wonderfully!

(Even more importantly, it was DELICIOUS!)

Have you embarked on any baking adventures lately?

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