March 11, 2013

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Here’s a giveaway that’s too precious and cute to pass up…

giveawayUp for grabs are TWO handmade crochet animal dolls. Two winners will be chosen. Each winner will win either a crochet kitty(as seen above) retail at $23 or a large octopus as seen here, retail at $34!

kittyYour little ones will LOVE these animal dolls! Aunts and grandmas- don’t forget about your nieces, nephews, and grandkids!  The kitty is so perfect for a girl and any boy would adore the octopus.

Here’s something extra special- you can CUSTOM SELECT the colors of the animal doll for your little one.


1. You must be a follower of LZM and like LZM on Facebook.

2. Leave a comment sharing which animal doll would be perfect for your little one!


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March 4, 2013

Zoey’s Handmade Crochet Kitty

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I’m proud to say that one of amandajocrafts’ creations was featured on le zoe musings today! Come and check it out!

Zoey has never been attached to stuffed animals. Truthfully, I wished that wasn’t the case because I would like for her to find a ‘comfort’ friend to hug and love aside from mommy’s left hip. I always thought that maybe she was too young to appreciate and embrace new friends. 

Or maybe… she’s just playing hard to get.

I’m happy to share that things has changed. Lately, Zoey has been loving her monkeys, dogs, and most recently, her handmade crochet kitty.

kitty5The talented maker of this crochet kitty is Amanda from AmandaJoCrafts. If you knew all of Amanda’s pursuits, you would think that she’s superwoman…

A full-time office assistant by day, a full-time Master’s student in Writing and Publishing by night, AND an all-time creator of Amandajocrafts, her etsy store where you can find anything from crocheted teddy bears to lacey scarves to Victorian-styled fingerless gloves!


Zoey was…

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January 16, 2013

On Wanting What My Grandparents Have.

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Today’s is my grandparents’ fifty-ninth wedding anniversary.

My pap is also in the ICU today, as he had a heart attack earlier this week. Please send your prayers along to him and my gram.

I’ve been thinking about them a lot lately, as I’ve been thinking about my own upcoming marriage (just about seven months to go, now) to the love of my life. He and I talk all the time about how we just want to be sitting on the front porch together in Adirondack chairs at eighty years old, sipping lemonade and watching our great-grandchildren play in the front yard. This is what my grandparents have.

I know a lot about the “facts” of their courtship, way back in the day, as I somehow managed to swing my long-ago high school senior project into being a scrapbook of them from the years they dated. (I fluffed up some great talk about the importance of legacy in family, grandparents in children’s lives, and learning about the past. Best. Project. Ever.) I know that my pap was in the Coast Guard, as he tried to enlist in both the Army and the Navy during the war, and they were so full they wouldn’t let him in! I know Gram claims she wasn’t bothered by him enlisting. (Now, I just keep thinking about how devastated I would be if my fiance were to sign himself up and go to the Middle East–it hurts just thinking about it. That’s a brave life, and I’m not brave enough for that.) She says “that’s just what everybody did.” I know he got stationed at Atau, Alaska, for a year. It’s a small outpost, and there were only about a dozen men and a dog.

I know silly, so-very-important details, like how Pap had to do his Pre-Cana (Catholic marriage prep) as a correspondence course because he was in the Coast Guard at the time. I know Gram once forgot the hot dogs when they went on a picnic with another couple who was close friends with them. (Pap said they just made toast for lunch with the hot dog buns they did bring.) I know they used to go dancing at the fire hall. I know Gram liked to do cartwheels.

I know that the personalities I see as their granddaughter really weren’t all that different when they were in their teens. She’s always smiling, always positive, always been a talker, and is very social. He’s more reserved, slightly mischievous, and quieter. But they work together, oh so well. It takes just a second to see how much they love each other.

Luckily, Pap has always enjoyed taking pictures, and so our family has a bunch of photos of the two of them from awhile ago. It’s so fun to see the same small smirk and intense eyes on my pap then, as I see now, and that identical beaming grin on my gram’s face.

People get older. I know this. And people get sick sometimes. I’m acutely aware of this fact, as well. But I also know how incredibly special that bond is between two people who are truly, honestly, in love with each other. Fifty-nine years worth of in love, and a legacy of five children, thirteen grandchildren, and an ever-growing number of great-grandchildren.

There are a lot of awful, sad things in this world that keep many people from hitting fifty-nine years together. Sometimes, when I read too much news coverage, it actually feels like a small miracle that any couple can get there at all. I’m selfish; I want that miracle for my fiance and myself, too.

Every single day you get to hold that person’s hand, every day you get to open your eyes and see them there, every single good night kiss, those are all miracles.

So, happy anniversary, Gram and Pap, and I’m praying for your big 60 next year.

November 20, 2012

On A Sale.

What do you get when you add:

A teddy bear

Plus a little octopus

And a dash of winter warmth

All wrapped around some crocheted loving?

Well, you get amandajocrafts’ annual Black Friday/Cyber Monday Sale!

Between Friday, November 23 and Monday, November 26, use coupon code FRIDAYMONDAY at amandajocrafts for 15% off your total order.

This is a great chance to get some serious Christmas shopping done! Who doesn’t need a scarf, or some gloves, or an adorable doll or teddy bear for Christmas or Hanukkah?! Come and plan out your order on amandajocrafts.

November 7, 2012

On Really Awesome Shoes.

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Folks, just wanted to shoot out a quick post to the world to let you know about this awesome giveaway for some ADORABLE 1920’s style shoes. American Duchess is providing a wonderful opportunity to channel Downton Abbey (a personal favorite of mine!) with this beauts 🙂


October 19, 2012

On Four Things to Look for Next Week.

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There a lot of exciting stuff coming up very, very shortly!

4) Utterly unrelated to crafting, but “Red” comes out Monday. As in, the new (and I’m sure to be awesome) Taylor Swift CD. I’m well aware that I am an anomaly of a T-Swift fan, and I’m also aware that people tend to either love her or hate her, so you may hate her. But I have respect for her because:

  • Her lyrics. Read them. As a writer, not only do I appreciate what I feel is a successful attempt, but I appreciate that she isn’t relying just the tone of the music and her name to get hits. She cares about what she’s saying.
  • She’s a good role model for younger girls. Think about what they have to work with right now (Katy Perry, Brittney Spears, and Miley Cyrus all comes to mind) and then think about T-Swift. Genuine. Doesn’t show her belly button every chance she gets. We don’t see her getting drunk every weekend (except perhaps on love).
  • I sing along to her songs, loudly and poorly, and they make me feel good 🙂

So now that my “why you should love T-Swift” rant is over, I can happily say I’ve already preordered the deluxe CD from Target 🙂 I’m as excited as a pre-teen!

3) I should be posting update number 2 on the hooded scarf next week. I’ve come pretty darn far, and I have actually extended the scarf past what the pattern calls for, because I just really want it to be long. I think, this time around, I ended up “knitting small,” which I never do, so it threw off the pattern a bit. But more on that next week, with some accompanying pictures 🙂

2) A granny squares update. I *think* I’ve finished all the squares I need to come up with a good-sized young boy’s blanket. I’ll at least get some pictures of the squares all arranged, even if I don’t get them all put together this weekend! (I suppose I should probably do some homework this weekend. Shucks.) I’m headed to good ol’ Michael’s for a one pound skein of yarn, which should do the trick in terms of having enough to connect them all.

and the really cool #1 thing is…

1) Look for cowls and scarves coming to amandajocrafts! I have three done so far, and I hope to get at least one more complete and them all photographed for Etsy this weekend. I’m really excited about this development; it’s the first time I’ve added something to my shop that’s not a doll or animal, and it think it will really bring some more diversity. People who will be looking for scarves might find my shop and then *boom* fall in love with an animal, or vice versa.

And let me tell you now, these scarves are pretty cool (err….warm). I have chunky cowls with classic scalloped edges that will hang stylishly on your neck and can be easily tucked into a coat, or can be hung over the top of your head in the snow. As for the scarves, they’re crocheted in a shell pattern with some super soft yarn, so they’re dainty, stylish, and very warm!

October 16, 2012

On the Top Ten Reasons I Haven’t Written.

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I have been a huge slacker for the last two weeks. But I have some really good excuses.

10) Homework. This is the most boring reason ever, but it’s true. I had a lot of really really other fun things going on, so normal free time (what little of it I typically have) became homework time for a couple weeks. Plus, since all my homework is reading and writing and thinking critically, by the time I have the spare second of free time to write on the good ol’ blog, my mind is creatively run dry! (The last time this happened was the semester in undergrad when I took writing fiction, writing poetry, and a victorian lit class at the same time. By the end of the semester, I was creative toast.)

9) Along with the homework, I had another major story due for one of my classes. I’m a strong believer in bringing your absolute best work to workshop. (Few things are more frustrating in class than when you spend a half hour as a class critiquing a student’s work, and then at the end they say “yeah, I already knew I needed to fix those things. I just finished it up really fast before it was due.” What a waste of time.) Therefore, in order to justify my view toward workshop, I had some work to do! (PS, happy with how it turned out, for now. Let’s just say there’s an adorable teddy bear involved that kept stealing my heart. BUT IT’S STILL LITERARY FICTION, I SWEAR!)

8) Had a couple fun custom orders from the etsy shop!

7) Also with Etsy, I’ve been wanting to make some scarves and cowls that had been on the back burner. This weekend, I finally got around to them! Look for them to start rolling out…well…tomorrow!

6) Was sick for just a day or two. Lame, I know.

5) There were TWO Steelers games in one week. TWO! (Of course, one we barely deserved to win, and the other we should have one and instead failed epicly. But hey, they’re still my team.)

4) Homemade cake. My fiance made me chocolate cake with vanilla caramel Bailey’s icing. Oh. Yum. (Look for pictures this week!)

3) There was a major wedding planning push. Big lists, a little panic, allocation of duties, and lots of sunflower talk. It resulted in a really solid list of to-dos and officially booking a photographer, so now I can procrastinate before the next thing. 🙂

2) The impetous for the wedding planning was purchasing my wedding dress! Classy, elegant, simple, traditional, lovely. Oh my it’s so very lovely. Not putting the name or picture on here because the fiance might just stumble across this post, and he’s not allowed to know :P. But if you’re really curious, of course I’ll tell you.

and the number one reason I’ve been a huge slacker….

1) My mommy came to visit! Who has time for homework or your Etsy shop or, let’s face it, your blog when your mommy’s in town for the weekend and you’re celebrating birthdays and planning a wedding and not doing homework! Come on, now. 🙂

But, I promise to do better in the future. Pinky swear.

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