August 16, 2012

On a Summery Treasury.

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I’ve recently begun getting more active in some smaller Etsy teams. Yes, I’ve been posting and discussing in the Etsy Success team for the last month, taking and giving tips on optimizing my shop, but at least for now, I think my shop is there. Now, it’s the networking that I really want to work on.

Two teams in particular, the Interactive Blogging Team and the YARN (Yarn Art with Respected Notoriety) Team, are full of great, interactive people, who don’t just post and run. (It’s a common problem in the Etsy team world; people will post their new item, or treasury, or blog post and then not bother to look at everyone else’s.)

In an Interactive Blogging Team initiative, we’re encouraged to make some treasuries featured our team. So, below is a treasury dedicated to the end of summer and the start of a great blogging relationship!

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